Welcome to our donations page. The Montague Family Association is a publicly supported family association. We are a non-profit corporation based in Hill City, Kansas, USA. Our mission is to be a clearing house for information related to the Montague family. In reaching those goals we sponsor the Montague Worldwide Family Reunion every 5 years. The reunion provides seminars giving information on a wide ranging list of subjects about genealogy in general, family genealogy, and family history. In addition, we support efforts to expand our knowledge of family history. This information is passed along to our members in the form of regular newsletters, our website, our Facebook group, and family reunion seminars. Our income stream consists of Membership dues (25.00/yr) from family members and individuals that follow the family history, donations from inside and outside the family, and coming soon, a small catalog of merchandise available to MFA members.
Where will my donation be spent you may ask? At this time the directors and staff draw no wages for our duties. I doubt we will draw wages at any point, but if the Association becomes large enough at some point volunteer labor may not be able to sustain our business model and we may be in a position of having to pay staff for certain duties. We sponsor the Worldwide Family Reunion every five years. There are expenses the Association pays relative to that event, including deposits and rent for meeting rooms and banquet halls, speaker fees for some knowledgeable seminar speakers, and retainer fees for some group tours, and insurance required by some venues.  Additionally there is the Montague DNA project spearheaded by Robert V. Montague that seems to be having some trouble getting off the ground. If funding will help make this project a reality maybe we will be able to help in some aspect. We also support having this website online to the Montague family informed about our activities. There are many projects we’d like to pursue if the funding were available to do so.
As you can see, we have high hopes for the MFA. This is why we need your support as soon as possible. At this time we are recognized as a Non-Profit corporation organized under Kansas law.

One thought on “Donations”

  1. Hi Curt,

    We need to pay our MFA donation so I would appreciate receiving the mailing address I need to send it to. Had totally slipped my mind.

    I don’t think I saw my name on the member list! Peter the Immigrant was my 12th great grandfather so I think I am more “Montague” than George—we still can’t find if he is a direct descendent to Peter and/or Richard.

    Hope this finds things good with you. We are doing good now. George lost his only sibling, Betsy, in late Feb. so it has been a time of great sadness and taking care of things. She had been diagnosed with cancer in Dec. and had begun treatments shortly before her untimely passing. She lived alone in St. Louis, MO so George was busy traveling back and forth. He just didn’t feel he could do justice to the secretary position.

    Thanks to court records, Robert V.’s books and Dorman’s “Adventure of Purse and Person,” I finally have my Montague genealogy figured out. I need to get the info to Robert V..

    So glad you are feeling so good and back to your old (that’s not a good adjective when we reach certain ages!)—back to your normal self. HA Was so cool you rode your cycle to the reunion last summer–know you are glad to still be having good riding weather.

    Thank you for your help re needed donation address.

    Lois Trampe

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