Robert Montague of Boveney

Shown below is a rendering of the Visitation of 1634 in the town of Boveney by the King’s representative. At this time we know that Richard was Peter and Richard’s earliest ancestor. I’m showing a couple of the renderings because the first has the line of descent for Peter’s generation drawn from the wrong parent. We know that George/Susan died without issue and Peter/Ellen, or Helen were their parents. We know the older versions of this document do not show the coat of arms, but do have a blazon (written description of the COA) noted. We are searching for the oldest copy of this visitation that will give us a better understanding of whether Robert actually held the COA noted. The COA is mirrored by one held by Richard Montague of Stowe, son of Simon Montague the 4th. Earl of Salisbury, and may give us a clue to the Boveney Montague origins. Documents like this are copied by scribes and over time those scribes embellished, or made mistakes, in the documents they rendered.


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