Richard b.1634 Descendents

An item of interest is this silver Communion Cup commissioned by Richard’s son Peter, in 1723 and presented to the church of England in Hadley, Ma.

In 1786 this cross stitch pattern was done by Lydia Montague and still looks great today.

In 1882 the ancestors of Richard b.1634 gathered for a family reunion. Attendees brought a number of family heirlooms to display and a “Montague Cabinet” was built to house them. The collection was presented to the Hadley Historical Museum where it still resides, with instructions that a blood relative must be present when the cabinet is opened. Last year one of our researchers tracked the cabinet down and was present when it was opened. Below is an old photo of the display of photos from the 003
Attendees of the reunion were presented with this fine ribbon denoting the event.

One of the items present at the reunion was a copperplate rendering of Richard dressed in Cromwell era clothing and believed to have been done while he was still a young man in England. It was believed to have been included in the cabinet, but was not there when our researcher was present at the opening. Below is a pencil rendering of the copperplate image. It would be a grand discovery to uncover the present location of the original copperplate.

Earliest known image of Richard 1
Earliest known image of Richard 1

2 thoughts on “Richard b.1634 Descendents”

  1. Can anyone identify the portraits shown in the old photo above? Are all those now in the Montague Cabinet?


    1. Hi Ben: I don;t have the names of the people whose photos are in the Montague cabinet. They were all on theRichard side of the family.The photo was posted by our genealogist in Germany,Richard W. Please e- mail me at , and I’ll send you his e-mail address.
      Curt Montague

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