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  1. Dear Association,
    I am looking for some of my relatives. My Aunt and Uncle are Willard and Mabel Montague of Southgate, MI. I am looking for their son, Lynn Montague of Lincoln, MI., daughters Jerry, Lois and Carol. I don’t have any addresses to go on. I would appreciate any leads or contacts. Thank you.

    Foster Harrison
    581 North 660 West
    West Bountiful, UT 84087

    1. Good Afternoon:

      Thank you so much for leaving a message for us. Although we are a family association, we would not have nor distribute that type of information. I hope you are able to reconnect with your relatives in some other way.

      Take care,

      Marianne Lowery
      Vice President, MFA

  2. Hello: I was heavily into researching my various family lines in the early 2000s and then put most of it away until recently. My father’s grandmother was Sarah Montague, the daughter of John Montague and Caroline Hungerford. I’ve traced John Montague back to William Montague, Sr., born in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England in 1728. And there it stops. I would appreciate any ideas on this line. Thank you.

  3. Karen,
    William was baptised in Tisbury on 13 Dec 1728. His parents were John Montague and Jane Snook who were married in Tisbury on 24th Jan 1716. Unfortunately there are 2 John Montagues that he could be. One baptised 16 May 1687 in Fovant and the other baptised 3 Nov 1689 in Dinton. All 3 villages are close to each other in Wiltshire. I am still digging!
    My grandmother is also descended from William Montague and his wife Margaret Penny. They moved to Mells in Somerset to start their family.

  4. I recently discovered through dna and family tree research that I am descended from Catherine Montague (1687-1743). Catherine was married to George Twyman I (1661-1703). Catherine’s grandfather was Peter Montague (1603-1659). I’m pleased to meet distant cousins.

  5. My Great Grandmother was Fonda Ethel Montague and I’ve been digging deeper hoping to find out more family stories and distant cousins

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