Minutes January 27, 2014

Minutes of MFA Meeting, January 27, 2014
• The meeting was called to order at 8:14 p.m., EST. In attendance were Jo Anne St.
Clair, President; Suzanne Hamilton, Secretary, Curt Montague, Treasurer & Robert V.
Montague, Historian.
• The minutes from the December 29, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved.
• Treasurer’s report: We started 2014 with a bank balance of 484.05. We received a
donation from Richard W. Montague in the amount of 250.00, and membership dues
of 25.00 from Robert L. Montague bringing the balance to 759.05. We had a debit to
Bluehost Internet services for server fees in the amount of 119.88, bringing our
current balance to 639.17.
• There was a brief discussion regarding the very generous donation from Richard
Montague which is to partially fund a mass mailing and membership drive to a
database of American Montagues. The mailing will take place as soon as the
database is reviewed and duplications and other eliminations are conducted.
• A motion was presented, seconded and approved which permitted the use of
Association funds to finance the cost of postage for approximately ½ of the mailing
• A discussion took place regarding the possibility of holding a reunion in 2014 versus
2015 as has been the plan for the past 4 years since the last reunion. This request
was made by an Association member who feared that several prominent members
would not be able to attend a reunion in 2015. A motion was presented, seconded
and approved which determined that the reunion would remain scheduled for 2015
as it was unlikely that the Association could accomplish the necessary planning in
just a few months.
• Discussion then centered on a location for the 2015 reunion. The consensus was that
it should take place in either eastern Virginia or western Massachusetts. A poll would
be taken via the MFA website and the Facebook page to narrow the selection. It was
also decided that a firm decision as to the location would be made by the end of
March, 2014.
• It was also decided to put out a one-page newsletter via email to notify members
and prospectives about the poll so that they could add their opinion.
• Robert V. Montague stated that he was still working on the 501(c)3 paperwork and
doing further research into the feasibility of attaining tax-exempt status.
• Discussion took place regarding the social media sites: The MFA website and the
Facebook group concerned with Montague genealogy. There are several other
Facebook groups but they have little activity and even less relevance. Curt
requested that Board members post on the Facebook group page as that generates
further interest in the Association.
• The date for the next meeting was set for February 24, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. EST.
• There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:41 p.m. EST.
Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Hamilton

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