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Welcome to the Montague Family Association website. For those of you unfamiliar with the Association I’ll give you a brief description of our activities.  The Association was discussed at the first worldwide family reunion in 2000 at Philadelphia, Pa., but very little was accomplished in making the MFA a reality. At the reunion in 2005 a plan was put together to move forward and a Board of Directors appointed. Unfortunately, we were unable to come up with a good plan to move the organization forward. Then in 2010 a new board was appointed with a goal to get the MFA organized.

    The Association’s mandate is twofold. Most pressing at the moment is to get organized into a viable entity and get a list of projects we’d like to pursue. Our goal is to provide verifiable information about the rich history of the Montague family and make that information available to family members. There is a lot of information about our family based on fantasy and literary fiction, and while that adds to the profile of the family, it is counterproductive to anyone trying to paint an accurate portrait of our family history. Our goal is to separate non-fiction from fiction and present an accurate rendition of our family.

Our second, and longer term, mandate is to organize and implement the Family Worldwide Reunion every 5 years 2015 will be here before we know it. We will encourage and fund research pertaining to the family. We plan to house a library of educational materials for research into our family history as well as a clearing house for new technology, such as DNA testing,  to enhance the learning experience. As the Association matures we plan on being the premier resource for those interested in our colorful family history. The 2010 event was very enjoyable to those that attended the reunion, but it was sparsely attended. We very much need to get the word out to family members in preparation for the 2015 reunion.

 I encourage you to join the Montague Family Association. Being a member entitles you to a voice in how the Association is operated, who  is on the board of directors, and the projects funded by the Association. Joining will assure that you receive the newsletters and updates to our activities. It’s a great bargain at a mere 25.00 per year.

Well, that’s about it, for now. Check back here for news, and information. Bookmark us and tell your friends and family.

Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy, and wonderful 2014.

Curt Montague, Webmaster

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  1. I just ran across this Montague website. I am descended from Ellen Montague Thompson-Elizabeth Thompson-Elizabeth Summers-etc. I would like to see if there are other members who descend from this line.

  2. i am descendent thru Mary Moore Browder who married Benj H Powell in 1839. My g grandfather was Benj H Powell (4th child) whose info is eithernot in RVM book or not correct and I’d love to share our history. He was raised by his Browder uncle in Al and came to TX.

    I am also interested in membership but need more info than is on current MFA page.

    1. Hi Katherine: Good to hear from you. We engaged in some research with a Pace family member last year. We have suspended membership fees for the time being because of a lack of members on the board of directors.I’m keeping the website and the Facebook group running for at least 2018. My personal e- mail is curt@ruraltel.net You will get a better and quicker answer from me over there.Here is a link to the Pace family members in out online family tree. Feel free to let me know of any information I can update, or correct.http://www.montaguefamilyassociation.com/TNG/search.php?mylastname=Pace&myfirstname=&mybool=AND&offset=0&search=Search
      Oh, and here’s the info on Powell. http://www.montaguefamilyassociation.com/TNG/search.php?mylastname=Powell&myfirstname=&mybool=AND&offset=0&search=Search

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