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This website is the product of, and a sound overview, of the Montague Family Association. Our Historian is Robert V. Montague III of Navarro, Fla. Robert has devoted much of the last 13 years of his life researching the life and descendents of Peter Montague b.1603. In this site and in our communications referred to, as Peter1. Robert has produced a book of his research, “The History and Genealogy of Peter Montague of Jamestowne, Virginia 1603-2003” The two volume set is a bit over 3000 pages. He has corrected many of the mistakes that appeared in the 1886 family history, “The History and Genealogy of the Montague family in America” You will frequently find references to HGMFA when discussing the Montague family history with family members. This website uses some tidbits from Robert’s books to give a taste of the information contained in his books. The only way to get the BIG PICTURE is to purchase the books. If you have specific questions we will try to answer them and guide you to information.
The other side of the coin is Richard Montague who emigrated to Massachusetts in America, in 16__. He was a founding father of Hadley, Ma in 16__. Our resident expert on Richard1 is also a Richard Montague and resides in Ebenhausen, Germany. He also has spent many years researching the Richard 1 line.
Between these two gentlemen resides most of the known history of the Montague family in America. By joining and supporting the MFA you can help them carry their research further into history, and gain access to that information.
Please look around our website and see if you find something new and exciting about your family history.

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  1. MFA is dedicated to tracing the History and Genealogy of the Montagues of Boveney, England—Peter, the first Montague who came to Jamestowne in 1621 and his brother younger Richard who immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony sometime between 1634 and 1646. This website is owned and supported by the (MFA) through its members.

  2. I am a descendant of the Montague family. My mother was Maxine Mae Montgue Keller. My grndfather was Melvin Montague and my Great Grandfather was Charles Montgue. I would like to purchase the books.

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