The new Theme..

I’ve been doing some revamping on the MFA website. When it comes to websites, we are all constantly re-vamping. The theme we are using is somewhat limited in the number of menu items I’m able to use, but the sub-menus are less limited. I’ve been trying to group items under sub headings that will be easier to find. For instance, you can find the minutes to all of our 2014 meetings under the Board of Directors heading, and that will be under the About heading. Any current news not related to the reunion will either be right here on the Home page. There will be a 2015 Reunion header coming soon with news about the coming family reunion that will be held in Virginia early August 2015. The best way to find your way around the site is to explore. There is a lot of information on here, ant there are a lot more items being prepared to come online. We have exciting news that will be released this year from out research department. Some things that will set the genealogy community on it’s ear if our research bears fruit. If you want to be in on the news as it breaks, I urge you to join the MFA to help fund this organization, so we can continue our research. So, enjoy your look around, and we hope you find something that will astound you.