2015 Montague Family Reunion

OK, Folks, it time to decide where the 2015 Montague Worldwide Family Reunion will be held. The 2010 event was held in Williamsburg, Va. We had a very nice time and learned a lot about organizing an entertaining and educational reunion. 2015 is approaching and it’s time to get some input, and pick a great place for the Montagues to congregate. Currently we are looking at dates after the school year has ended and before the new one starts, namely June-August, 2015. Sorry to our overseas family, but we will be having this party in the USA. So, speak up in the comments on where you think the reunion should be and maybe make a few comments as to why it should be there. Even if you’re not sure right now that you can make it, we appreciate your input. The location needs to be a place that holds Montague history and some significance to the Montague family. We also want a place with entertainment value for the whole family. We need everyone to chime in with good ideas. In the end the board will decide the best place out of all the suggestions. There may be some very good places that we are unaware.

Here are some places that have been suggested:
Williamsburg/ Jamestowne, Va. (Ancestral home of the Peter Montague line)

Hadley, Ma. (Ancestral home of the Richard Montague line)

Hampton Va. ( We have a volunteer to organize the reunion here)

Lees Summit, Mo.

Branson, Mo. (I can’t find any link to Montague history with Branson)

Salt Lake City, Ut. (Home of the largest genealogical library in the USA)