Hello from the Montague Family Association !

We have decided to re-vamp the MFA website and make it modern, innovative and especially interactive.  We are using WordPress to build the new site, so everything from our old site has been taken down. We’ll be using some of the pages to on this site, so be sure to take a look at them by clicking on the navigation bar at the top of this page. You will be able to follow my progress, and education, in real time as the site comes up as this is almost immediately published as I complete pages. Bear with me as I make, and hopefully correct, my mistakes.   Curt!

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  1. Curt: The picture is beautiful, but would you consider something Montague specific like an overhead view of Jamestowne Fort?

  2. I have been researching the medieval knight of Europe for about 20 years. I believe the 1st members of your family to live
    in England arrived there under the banner of Robert, Count of
    Mortain, half-brother of William, the Conqueror. They arrived
    in 1066 when the French invaded England.
    There were 2 brothers Ansgered & Dreu/Drogo
    Ansgered’s family became the de Waterville -Montegue family and were high-ranking church officials and marshalls
    in the Peterborough area. A son William was Abbot there.
    My file contains hundreds, if not thousands of files, on all these knights. If you are interested in a copy of a disk, I sell
    it for $30. You only have to install it on your computer and use your find button for ancestors and descendents.
    I can be reached at my e-mail address.
    Joanne Cordell

    1. Hi Joanne; I’m sure your research is extensive, but I might point out something to you. The Montague Family Association researches the descendents of the Boveney Montagues. The progeny of Drogo De MonteAcuto that arrived with Robert Count of Mortain were known as the Salisbury Montagues. That line died out without issue in the 15th century. Our Boveney Montague family appeared on the scene in 1455. We have spent a considerable amount of money and time researching a link between the Salisbury family and the Boveney family and so far we have been unsuccessful in proving a link. Much of the research that is out there simply ignores two missing generations between the two families. If you can provide a source linking Robert Montague b.1455 and any member of the Salisbury Montagues we would be happy investigate. Our current research involves verifying the grant of Arms to Robert Montague and the possibility that his father may have been a Salisbury Montague. So far we have been unable to prove a link. I have approved your comment because there may be people who follow our website that might be interested.

  3. Hello,

    Has the Montague family reunion been held?

    How can I purchase the history of the Montagues book?


    Jon Daugherty

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